Polala Amavasya 2022

Polala Amavasya 2022

Polala Amavasya 2022 /  Shravana Amavasya 2022

The Shravan Krishna Amavasya is called the 'Polala Amavasya'. The Amavasya of the fields is very special in the Hindu tradition. It is an age-old tradition for women to perform vratas for their well-being, for their children's yoga and well-being, and for their family. This 'Polala Amavasya' is specially prescribed for child care. Women who have not had children for a long time after marriage and women who have children must perform this ritual.

This day is also Saturday. The new moon with Saturday is called Shani Amavasya. On this day Shanaishwara should fast the new moon. Today Saturn should be worshiped scientifically. Go to Shani Temple and anoint with sesame oil and black sesame and worship. Donate jasmine, candle, sesame oil, clothes and other items. With this, the god Shani will have mercy on him.

 Shravana Amavasya

Date August 27, 2022, Saturday
Tithi Shravana Amavasya, Polala Amavasya, Shani Amavasya
Tithi Time Aug 26, 12:25 PM - Aug 27, 1:47 PM

Notice: We have collected the dates and times of these Amavasya dates from the "Kalachakram Gantala Panchangam" established by the Government of India. These times apply to people from all parts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Other states in India also have a difference of few seconds.