Subrahmanya Sashti 2021 Date, Puja Vidhi, Fasting Rules, Vrat Story

Lord Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, who was born on Margashira Masa Sukla Shashti to kill Tarakasura. This Margashira Masa Sukla Shashti is called Kumara Sashti or Skanda Sashti or Subramanya Sashti.

Subrahmanya Sashti 2021 Date

Subrahmanya Sashti 2021 Date and Tithi Time

Date Thursday December 9, 2021
Tithi Margashirsha Shukla Shashthi
Tithi Time Begins 09:26 PM, Dec 08 2021 - Ends 07:54 PM, Dec 09, 2021

Puja Vidhi

Early in the morning, take a holy bath and prepare the altar with Lord Ganesh and Subrahmanya's pictures or idols. The heavenly weapon of Muruga, the spear or Vel, is mounted on a pedestal in certain homes, signifying Lord Subrahmanya himself, and the puja is performed. Flowers, incense, sandal paste, vermilion, turmeric powder, and Prasad of the devotee's choice are offered during the puja, which is followed by the singing of Skanda shashti kavacham, Subrahmanya Bhujangam, or the reading of Skanda Purana or legends about Lord Muruga.

Fasting Guidelines for Subrahmanya Sashti

  • Fasting can be done for six days or one day, depending on the devotee's convenience.
  • On certain days, non-vegetarian eating is absolutely forbidden. Garlic and onions are even avoided by some.
  • During the vrat, devotees visit as many Subrahmanya temples as possible.
  • Devotees eat only one meal every day, either lunch or dinner.
  • On the six days, some followers eat just fruits, coconut water, and juices.
  • The true essence of vrat is non-utterance of falsehood, not getting anger.

Subrahmanya Sashti Vrat Story

When a demon named Surapadma was troubling the three worlds on account of the invincible boons he received, the gods approached Lord Shiva. Lord Subrahmanya was manifested by Shiva from his third eye through six effulgent sparks. Growing as six children and later unified as one child with six faces by Mother Parvati, Lord Muruga received the divine spear (Vel) from his mother and set out to conquer the demon.
The fight lasted for six days and the demon was vanquished on the Sashti day. Owing to the prayers of the demon, Lord Muruga bestowed immortality on him by converting him as a peacock, which became His vehicle and Cock that took a permanent place in the flag of Muruga.

Benefits of Subrahmanya Sashti

The Subrahmanya Sashti Vrat is claimed to be very efficient in gaining Lord Subrahmanya's blessings and bestowing all wealth on worshippers. Tamil Nadu and Kerala are well-known for this.
According to mythology, a Puranic king named Muchukunda observed this vrat at the request of sage Vasishta and gained eternal reputation as well as a large kingdom spanning all three planets.