Solar eclipse December 2021 Date and Time

When it comes to the solar eclipse of 2021, contemporary science has always seen it as an astronomical event, but in Vedic astrology, it is linked to many major changes that occur in all living beings. It has been observed that everyone's psyche is filled with a peculiar fear of the eclipse. In such a circumstance, numerous questions about Solar Eclipse 2021 are going to occur in everyone's mind.

second solar eclipse 2021
Date solar eclipse starts solar eclipse ends visual field
4 December from 10:59 till 15:07 Antarctica, South Africa, Southern part of the Atlantic, Australia, South America
  • On December 4, 2021, the second and last solar eclipse of the year will occur, and it will be a complete solar eclipse.
  • This year's second solar eclipse will occur on the new moon of Kartik month in Vikram Samvat 2078, with the greatest effect in Scorpio, Anuradha, and Jyestha constellations, according to the Hindu calendar.
  • This eclipse will begin at 10:59 a.m. on Saturday morning and last until 15:07 p.m., according to Indian time.
  • Antarctica, South Africa, the southern Atlantic, Australia, and South America will all be visible.
  • Because the visibility of this eclipse would be nil in India, the Sutak period will not be applicable here.
  • When the Moon passes in front of the Sun and fully blocks its light, a total solar eclipse occurs.

What not to do in Sutak of Solar Eclipse 2021 December

  • During the Sutak time, do not begin any new or strenuous task.
  • During the Sutak time, no food should be cooked or consumed.
  • Defecation, for example, should be avoided.
  • It is prohibited to touch the Tulsi and God's idol.
  • Brushing teeth, combing hair, wearing new clothing, driving a car, and other personal duties should be avoided.
  • Leave the house at all costs.
  • Sutak is not a good time to sleep.

Work to be done during Sutak period of Solar Eclipse 2021 December

  • Yoga, meditation, bhajan, and devotion of God are all beneficial.
  • Sun God's Beej Mantra should be chanted.
  • Purify the dwelling and deities' idols immediately after the sutak is completed by sprinkling Gangajal.
  • Take a bath and pray right after the Sutak time ends.
  • Prepare fresh food and consume it just after the Sutak time has ended. Also, instead of throwing away food cooked before to the Sutak time, add basil leaves to it. The unfavourable effects of eclipse on food are eliminated as a result of this.

Pregnant women should be careful during solar eclipse 2021 December

  • During the Sutak period of solar eclipse, all pregnant women should take extra measures.
  • They should avoid leaving the house and witnessing the eclipse in any way during this period.
  • Sewing, embroidery, cutting, peeling, and cleaning should be avoided by pregnant women during the Sutak time.
  • They should also avoid using knives and needles during the Sutak of solar eclipse, since it is said that doing so will destroy the organs of the baby growing in their womb.